Blossom Sebastian and Aggy Gaur are the brains behind London's new dog brand Inugami London. This duo of designers have a mutual love for dogs, so when Blossom got a pug, he instantly became the muse for a new wave of puppy creations. It soon became apparent that anyone who loves dogs as much as they do could be a part of their playful designs. They began their journey by making quilted coats from lime green and baby pink coloured neoprene. These bright, original coats soon attracted attention and spurred them on, to expand their horizons and develop their company ethics; to making sustainable, handmade to measure dogwear with the added option for customisation making it personal to the client.

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Inugami London is a bespoke service, influenced by Asian culture and fashion. We are daring with our colour palettes; we combine and use unconventional colourways to create distinctive coats that are a fresh take on average dogwear. We carefully select every component that goes into our luxury products that your dog will be comfortable in, and that the style conscious consumer will be proud of. 


As owners we see our dogs as more than just a pet, but an extension of ourselves. Inugami offers your dog a strong identity that has been lacking in the UK dog fashion industry. Taking inspiration from Japanese textile traditions and trends we hope to create pieces that reflect the essence of Asian fashion. By using  bright colours typical of Asia's vibrant natural environment, as well as a monochrome approach to some of our more city styled jackets, we believe that Inugami takes a unique approach in creating dogwear.


Neoprene is from a family synthetic rubbers and we found the application of this smart fabric comes with several benefits. It is resistant to sun degradation, waterproof, insulating and has outstanding imperishability meaning the coat's physical structure will not be compromised. Neoprene is fire resistant, can be cleaned easily and is extremely hygienic making it great for dogs. 

We apply 3M Scotchlite reflective strips to some of our jackets which ensures safety at night and waterproof coated fabrics essential for UK weather. 

We also cater for sight hounds and long bodied dogs. We use environment appropriate fabrics for sight hounds. Our colour palettes are autumnal making them in keeping with the natural surroundings, while giving them an edge.