We do our best to make our products easy to care for however we advise that you hand-wash your Inugami products, to maintain their integrity. To remove stains use a warm damp cloth and gently rub in a circular motion. Do not apply too much pressure as this may damage the fabric surface and always dry flat. You can find out more about the materials we use in our about section. 



Inugami products are all hand-made in our London atelier by our in-house designers. Materials for each piece are sourced especially, therefore you can expect slight variations in the components we use and also the materials. Any slight changes to our initial designs are improvements we have made as we constantly revise our products, therefore do not be disheartened if your product does not look identical to the images.

To improve the lifetime of any Inugami product, keep them out of your pets reach when not in use. Although the materials we use are durable, items subjected to breakage due to chewing, scratching or anything else that compromises the quality of the product is not recognised as a manufacturer's defect. Any normal wear and tear to Inugami items including tarnishing, discolouration and fraying will not be replaced under the circumstances.

A manufacturer's defect such as incorrect fit, despite accurate measurements given, and hardware failure will be replaced within 30 days of receiving the product or refunded within 14 days.



INUGAMI LIMITED ensure our products are as safe as possible for your dogs, however we cannot be held responsible if there has been improper use of any of our products. The use of the product and safety of the pet and handler is completely at the purchaser and user's discretion and responsibility. DO NOT leave your Inugami accessories lying around as most of our products have metal hardware that can be dangerous for your pets if they chew them. All Inugami items are accessory items only and we, the company, assume no liability.