BTS SS17 Raincoat




Among some of our products to be released this spring, we’ve been working on a new raincoat design.

We are updating our REN coat to make " MIZU 水 " (translates to water), a black street-styled jacket that fits in perfectly with our Road Collection.

Every coat is personal to us; we carefully think out our designs, often improving them in the construction process.

We hand make all our products and create individual patterns for clients made-to-measure dog coats. This allows us to produce bespoke pieces for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Don’t be put off by the sleeves if you own a short-legged dog or other details that may not be suited to your pup, such as the hood. You can contact us directly and give us your design preferences to make the best suited coat.

The outer fabric is a black matte coated microfibre, allowing water to roll off it, with a reflective strip insert for visibility at night. Contrast lining will be visible in the hood and used as sleeve turn-ups. This will be made from some of our Japanese style printed cotton. The red and white lining brightens up this simple black raincoat design and is in keeping with our lively colourful aesthetic.


The MIZU 水 raincoat will be available soon in our Wear Collection


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